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Rayson Ho raysonho at eseenet.com
Wed May 5 19:43:45 BST 2004

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If you are not going to upgrade to SGE6 soon, may be you can using COD
(Cluster-on-Demand) to load balance your clusters...

"Dynamic Virtual Clusters in a Grid Site Manager"


The idea is that you adjust the size of clusters by moving machines from
one master to another.


>Hi All,
>We are trying to use two different clusters run by two qmasters
>separately, as the number of CPU's are increasing for our group(
>may be 1000)... I was wondering what may be the best way to do it.
>Will it help to have two separate SGE installs ? But we surely want
>to share the machines on these 2 clusters...Is there any other better
>way than using transfer-queues and globus in newer versions...
>Or are these the only way of doing it right now...
>Please suggest me if you have already done this and is working fine
>for you..
>Users are worried about the scalability of gridengine, so I would like
>to do everything possible to make this work...
>One of the reason we want 2 clusters is, sometimes the qmaster is
>highly loaded..and the whole queue is hosed.. it happens when a user
>submits 1000's of simulations with 10 or more scripts runing at the
>same time on same or different machine.. Has anyone seen this or may
>be suggest a solution...
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