[GE users] dry run and load thresholds

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Fri May 7 16:17:46 BST 2004


> The verify mode "just verify", when launching a job, does not work
> properly. Sometimes the following happens:
> I do the "just verify" and get a positive response from the SGE, that a
> proper queue has been found for my job. Then I launch the job and it gets
> stuck in the "pending jobs" list, instead of being instantly scheduled.
> I have the suspicion, that "just verify" does not take into account the
> "load threshold" of the queues. It obviously does not check, if the load
> threshold is exceeded or not.
> Is that possible?

Yes, that's the way how it works.

> Is that a bug?

No, the idea is to enable a user to see if the job can run at all - it's the
intension not to look at the current load values, since the result would

> How can I change that behaviour?

Your question is related to the SGE 5.3p6 change for qstat/qselect where we
changed the behavior to return the same results as the "just verify" option
of qsub. See email thread with subject "[GE users] qselect problem" a fee
days ago.

I assume it should be easy to change in the qmaster code, but of course it
might be nice to have this configurable.

I hope a programmer might help you to find the code section where you need
to change qmaster, but filing an RFE that it should be possible to answer
both "questions" (look at empty or current cluster) with the dry run option
might be a good idea.


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