[GE users] Subsidiary qmake with different resource requirements?

Göran Uddeborg uddeborg at carmen.se
Fri May 7 17:23:31 BST 2004

Joachim Gabler writes:
> The SGE 6.0 qmake has a number of enhancements, that will probably meet 
> your needs much better:
> 1. You can call qmake without specifying a parallel environment.
> In this case, qmake will generate a qrsh job for each rule instead of 
> starting a task in the parallel environment (qrsh -inherit)
> 2. You can specify resource requests for each rule separately.
> The syntax is
> target: dependencies
>     SGE_RREQ="-l arch=lx24-x86" myapplication args
> Please find a description of the dynamic allocation mode in the qmake 
> man page.

This is becoming a discussion of SGE 6, so I've set a reply-to field
to the dev list, for further discussions.

This feature seems very useful, and works fine for more traditional
resources.  But can't figure out how to make it work when I do just
this: try to switch architecture.  If I would select an architecture
on the command line or through SGE_ARCH, that would effectively
override this setting.  But even if I avoid that, and ignore the
warning I get, the path always gets wrong.

I've been careful to make my .cshrc files on all architectures set up
propler paths for that architecture.  But that setting gets overridden
however I do.

If I do "-v PATH", it of course gets overriden, and I get the paths
for the submission architecture.  That won't be correct.  Qmake starts
with running an equivalent qmake through qrsh.  If that doesn't happen
to wind up on the same architecture as I submit from, it will try to
run the wrong version of $SGE_ROOT/bin/<arch>/qmake.

But if I omit "-v PATH", it still gets wrong.  In this situation,
execd has set a path of
"<tmpdir>:/usr/local/bin:/usr/ucb:/bin:/usr/bin:" in exec_job.c.  This
will again override anything I have set in my .cshrc when starting
up.  And since qmake calls qrsh with -noshell, I don't get a second

Is there any way to make this work?  And why does execd has to set a
path at all?

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