[GE users] soft resource request not working ???

Dr Ian C. Smith i.c.smith at liverpool.ac.uk
Mon May 10 17:13:17 BST 2004


I'm trying to set up several transfer queues for submitting
jobs to other clusters via globus. The number of free
processors on each cluster can be gleaned from the Globus
MDS and I'd like to use this in a load sensor as a requestable
resource so that jobs wait in the SGE job
pool on the submit side until one of transfer queues
"advertises" enough free processes for the job to be
run remotely. Say there are, for argument's sake two
remote clusters and two transfer queues. The number of
free processors on HostA is nprocA and likewise nprocB
on HostB and maxprocs=max( nprocA, nprocB ). Then if
I wanted say four processes the job script would contain:

#$ -hard
#$ -l maxprocs=4
#$ -soft
#$ -l nprocA=4
#$ -l nprocB=4

the idea being that the job will wait until the hard resource
request is satisfied then go to the queue satisfying the soft
request (since there is no logical OR functionality).
Unfortunately I can't make any headway with the soft resource
request. With a test complex of:

#name            shortcut   type   value           relop requestable 
consumable default
nprocA        npa         INT    4               <=    YES         NO 

and a job script containing:

#$ -soft
#$ -l npa=5

the job will not be queued for npa>4. I don't see how this fits in
with idea that a soft resource is something "nice to have" but not
essential to run the job ?

any help would be _very_ useful as I'm totally mystified about this !

will there be support for OR logic in SGE 6.0 ??


Dr Ian C. Smith,
e-Science team,
University of Liverpool
Computing Services Department

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