[GE users] how do soft resource requests work ?

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Wed May 12 16:18:58 BST 2004


> On Wed, 12 May 2004, Dr Ian C. Smith wrote:
> I came across the same recently and at least with
> SGE 5.3p5 you need to write
> #$ -q QueueA QueueB
> #$ -soft -l AttributeA=4
> #$ -soft -l AttributeB=4
> to get this resources added to the "soft" list.
> -soft works on the same line, only.

I'd say this is a bug.

> One other surprise was to see that one can have the same
> resource request at the same time in the hard and soft
> limits with opposing values:
> We had a default of "-l short=false" in the global .sge_request, but
> wanted to start jobs with "-soft -l short=true". The outcome is that
> "short=false" was winning always, no job made it to a host offering
> "short=true".

This is also a bug in my opinion.

For hard requests, the default is the the latter occurence of a request in the (virtual)
hierachy (sge_request -> ~/.sge_request -> <cwd>/.sge_request -> script ->
cmdline) is taken. The same should be donw for -soft/-hard request. So I
regard your observation as a bug.

Let's see the comments from other developers (and users).


> Bye
> Wilfried
> > I've studied the SGE docs long and hard but I still can't
> > make out how soft resource requests work. If I have
> > two queues QueueA and QueueB with complexes ComplexA
> > and ComplexB and corresponding attributes AttributeA
> > and AttributeB then can I get SGE to run a job on the
> > correct queue with say
> >
> > #$ -q QueueA QueueB
> > #$ -soft
> > #$ -l AttributeA=4
> > #$ -l AttributeB=4
> >
> > i.e. both conditions are satified. If this is a soft
> > request then surely neither condition needs to be satisfied
> > but if one is then the job should go to that queue.
> > Or am I missing something ?
> >
> > -ian.

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