[GE users] "locking down" grid machines

Bryan Bayerdorffer bryan.bayerdorffer at analog.com
Wed May 12 23:16:16 BST 2004

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> Boone J. Severson wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Since implementing SGE on our compute servers we've had a few cases 
>> where people think they're just too busy to learn the command line 
>> switches to qsub and qrsh so they just directly "ssh" into the 
>> machine, bypassing the grid submit host and our complexes/hard 
>> resources configs that we've got. It was ok in the beginning because 
>> it was just a few known users, but now qmon is noting that several 
>> queues are being disabled due to processor load when the grid is 
>> unaware of any users being assigned to those queues.  >:(
>> Is there a method for locking down non-superuser access to a (SuSE 
>> Linux 9.0) machine except for qrsh/qsub? I'm guessing our IS/IT group 
>> won't enjoy creating customized /etc/passwd files but if that's the 
>> only option we'll have to consider it.
>> Any and all input would be appreciated since I can't imagine this is 
>> the first time "grid abuse" has happened.
>> Thanks,
>> Boone Severson

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