[GE users] how do soft resource requests work ?

wilfried at gaensheimer.de wilfried at gaensheimer.de
Thu May 13 07:52:08 BST 2004

On Wed, 12 May 2004, Charu Chaubal wrote:

> Is this really a bug?  I thought the defined behavior for soft requests 
> was: first find all the queues which satisfy all hard requests, then 
> pick those queues which satisfy as many soft requests as possible.  If 
> you follow this logic, then the above behavior is exactly consistent.
That was also my interpretation of what was happening.

> I think a "hard" request should always be followed.  If you want to have 
> an opposite "soft" request, you should first cancel the hard request 
> explicitly.

> but, since he did not cancel the hard request inside the script, it is 
> still in effect, and is obeyed in a strict manner, right?  So no bug....
> What you'd want is a way to cancel the default '-l short=false'.  I 
> guess right now, there is no way to say '-l short=""' in order to "turn 
> off" a request..... this is where the problem lies, IMHO: the ability to 
> "cancel" a default request in an overriding options definition.
Yes, that would help.

Our workaround is to add the default as soft request, too. Works good
for the intended behaviour.


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