[GE users] Array Job Input Format?

Frank.Schmitt at 4sc.com Frank.Schmitt at 4sc.com
Thu May 13 12:19:02 BST 2004

Jmail <jmail at valleyserve.com> wrote on 12.05.2004 23:05:39:

> I have a file containing a different input on each line. I need SGE to
> distribute the job of running the same executable file for each 
> input line. How
> can I format a single input file, and a corresponding command, so 
> that an array
> job will run for each line of input line in the file?

Something like:


head -$SGE_TASK_ID <inputfile> | tail -1 | <your executable>

should work.
(Of course, this gets *terribly* slow if your inputfile is large - one of 
our users had an input file that was 2 million lines long :-(

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