[GE users] priorities (for array jobs)

Bryan Bayerdorffer bryan.bayerdorffer at analog.com
Thu May 13 16:52:47 BST 2004

So I've traced the second problem some more.  In addition to the prec 
resource, both array jobs also request an ncv resource.  Both are consumable 
integers.  Suppose two array jobs are submitted in this order:

qsub -t ... -l ncv=1,prec=0 ...
qsub -t ... -l ncv=1,prec=1 ...

Now ncv is always fully allocated.  When some jobs finish and free up ncv 
instances, the scheduler launches as many tasks from the first array job as it 
can.  Then ncv==0 and so no tasks from the second array job can be launched.

So what I want is some way to tell the scheduler, "Fill the requests for prec 
before the requests for ncv".  Is there a way to do this?  Would just listing 
prec first in the resource request do this reliably?

Any help on the priority question?

Bryan Bayerdorffer wrote:
> Two questions (SGEEE v5.3p6)
> - Users can't submit jobs with positive priority values or qalter 
> pending jobs to higher priorities.  qsub -p 1 is silently ignored and 
> the job gets priority 0.  qalter -p 1 yields 'denied: "user" must be 
> operator to increase job priority'.  Is there a way to enable all users 
> to set positive priorities without giving them other operator privileges?
> - Each host has a queue for normal jobs and a queue for urgent jobs.  
> The urgent queues offer a resource prec=1 while the normal queues offer 
> prec=0. When all the normal queues are full and I submit some more jobs 
> that request prec=0, followed by some jobs that request prec=1 (same 
> priority for all), my urgent (prec=1) jobs wait behind my normal jobs, 
> even though they could be dispatched.  Shouldn't the scheduler detect 
> this and allow my urgent jobs to run, even though they were submitted 
> after my normal jobs?

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