[GE users] Selecting jobs by name

John Coldrick jc at axyzfx.com
Fri May 14 23:02:16 BST 2004

	How can I qalter or delete a bunch of jobs in the queue based on their
name?  If this is clear, ignore the rest...and put me out of my

	I'm sure I've done it before, but I'm drawing a blank and I can't seem
to find it in the man.  If I have several hundred jobs in the queue, 50
might be from one task, 70 from another, and they're all inter-mingled. 
I would like to delete all of the jobs from a particular task.  A
typical naming scheme for our jobs would be:


	for example


	I want to delete, or even qalter(to get them isolated) all the Sc01
Lions jobs and leave the rest...



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