[GE users] Configure mandatory resources for a queue ?

Voetelink D. voetelink at ecn.nl
Mon May 17 14:46:13 BST 2004

Sean Dilda wrote:
> On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 05:23, Voetelink D. wrote:
>>I'm looking for a way to configure a queue, so that it will never be
>>used, unless some resource was specified.
>>At the moment we have a bunch of queues, and two queues which are
>>used for specific programs (which can only run in these queues due
>>to system-specific licensing). I configured a complex value on the
>>queues, but if someone submits a job without any resource requests,
>>the job will possibly be scheduled on one of the queues I mentioned
>>above. This is not really what we want....
> You'll want to modify the complex and set 'requestable' to FORCED.  We
> have a couple of complexes like that and they work exactly like you
> want.
> [sean at head4 sean]$ qconf -sc stat
> #name            shortcut   type   value           relop requestable
> consumable default
> #--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> stat             stat       BOOL   TRUE            ==    FORCED     
> NO         FALSE
> ##--- # starts a comment but comments are not saved across edits
> -----------------------

This sounds great. However, it seems that this resource now needs to be requested
for every job in every queue... correct?

What I would like is that only the 2 queues which have a licensed
system attached to them require a specific resource to be requested.

A workaround would probably be to let this forced resource have a default
value for all jobs? Is there a somewhat cleaner solution?

greetings and thanks so far,



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