[GE users] using kerberos rsh for qrsh

sophana jobarjo78 at yahoo.fr
Mon May 17 15:49:54 BST 2004


we use qrsh for dispatching jobs from a makefile. (custom hacked gmake)

As we have problems with file integrity and performance with nfs, I 
would like to use AFS instead.
AFS use a kerberos like authentication.
I saw that there are some features in sge to perform token forwarding 
but only with qsub (not qrsh). Some binaries are also not distributed in 
sge because of licensing problems.

The only solution I found is to store the authication in a keytab file.
But when I'm doing that the passwd is scrambled by kerberos (security 
issue) so I cannot log in with a passwd anymore.
As we lauch relatively small jobs, we don't want to use ssh because it 
has a significant latency compared to sge rsh.

What about using the kerberos rsh/rshd with sge?
the problem is that kerberos rsh/rshd might not understand the -p 
argument for specifying the ports when qrsh launches a job.
Anyone tried that?

Thanks for your help

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