[GE users] using kerberos rsh for qrsh

James E. Dobson James.E.Dobson at Dartmouth.EDU
Mon May 17 15:54:18 BST 2004

...around May 17, 2004  sophana aka (jobarjo78 at yahoo.fr) said :

> As we have problems with file integrity and performance with nfs, I
> would like to use AFS instead.
> AFS use a kerberos like authentication.
> I saw that there are some features in sge to perform token forwarding
> but only with qsub (not qrsh). Some binaries are also not distributed in
> sge because of licensing problems.

    [ Part 2, ""  Text/PLAIN (Name: "GetToken.c") ~2.4 KB. ]
    [ Unable to print this part. ]

    [ Part 3, ""  Text/PLAIN (Name: "SetToken.c") ~2.5 KB. ]
    [ Unable to print this part. ]

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