[GE users] MPICH basics

Eric Bonnet eric.bonnet at psb.ugent.be
Mon May 17 16:31:00 BST 2004

Hi there,

I have some problems to understand the basics of MPICH integration. 
Sorry if those questions are "basic" but I really would appreciate some 

We are running a linux cluster powered by Sun grid engine 5.3p6 with ~15 
nodes with 2 CPUs, i.e ~ 50 CPUs.
A democratic limit of 5 jobs/user is set(in the scheduler), and this 
works perfectly well.

Some users would to run MPICH jobs on the cluster as well.

So, if the MPICH - grid engine integration is enabled:

- Can a node be used both for batch / MPI job usage ?
- Does the MPI system takes also into account the 5 jobs/user limit ?
For example, if a user is requesting 5 slots for his MPI job, is it 
equivalent to the 5 jobs per user limit or does it count only for 1, the 
master process ?

Thanks a lot,


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