[GE users] Re: Selecting jobs by name

John Coldrick jc at axyzfx.com
Mon May 17 22:14:51 BST 2004

Charu Chaubal <Charu.Chaubal at Sun.COM> wrote:

> If you are using 5.3, then the only place you can use job names is 
when doing 
> qsub -hold_jid <name or JID> for dependencies.

> Grid Engine 6 has full support for job names everywhere, eg, qalter,
> qdel, qstat, etc.

	Charu - thanks for your response - accidently deleted it this morning
but caught it in the archive...

	We're probably going to stay with 5.3 for the present, but I'm curious
- is there any wildcard possibilities when doing this?  Obviously the
shell will grab things unless I escape it, but does SGE v6 do any
internal expansions?  For instance, these three jobs:


and I want to perform an operation to "foo.", will the first and last
jobs be selected?  What about if I wanted the equiv of "*.back.*"? 
Since there's no way to sort the potentially huge list of queued jobs, I
want to be able to use wildcards to manage the list.  If v6 offers this,
I may want to revise my thoughts on upgrading.  :)



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