[GE users] priorities (for array jobs)

sophana jobarjo78 at yahoo.fr
Tue May 18 16:26:38 BST 2004

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Charu Chaubal wrote:

> Hello,
> On May 17, 2004, at 8:03 AM, sophana wrote:
>> Shannon V. Davidson wrote:
>>> SGE 5.x uses job priority (-p priority) as a simple job ordering 
>>> mechanism.
>>> SGEEE 5.x uses job priority (-p priority) for ranking jobs within 
>>> the functional and share tree policies.
>>> SGE 6.0 unifies the GE and GEEE priority mechanisms by supporting 
>>> both and allowing the SGE manager to determine the relative 
>>> weighting or influence of each on the overall priority of the job.  
>>> The SGEEE mechanism is now supported via the new -js job_share qsub 
>>> option.
>> I see no feature for job pre-emption.
>> We have a limited number of simulation licenses. we would like to 
>> make regression tests in low priority. but when a user has a 
>> development simulation to make, we want one of the simulations to be 
>> suspended (and the license freed) so that the urgent simulation takes 
>> place immediatly.
>> We actually implement such a mechanism with subordinate queues. 
>> however it has big limitations:
>> the queues are attached to hosts. one queue per license.
>> lets assume we have 5 licenses (5 pair of queue), we have 4 low 
>> priority jobs running. if I submit a high priority job, it can 
>> suspend one low priority job instead of using a free license.
>> in sge 6, I saw that queues are no more linked to one host. will the 
>> subordinate queue feature still exist?
> Yes, it still exists.  In N1GE 6, subordination only applies to "queue 
> instances" --- that is, only slots on that host are suspend, not slots 
> for the entire queue.  Basically it works the same way as 5.3.  In 
> your example above, assuming you have 4 hosts, you could set up two 
> queues: high and low priority, and have the high suspend the low when 
> it's running a job.  Then, only on a host where a high job is running 
> would you find the low job suspended.

do you mean I only need 2 queues having each several hosts (one per 
license). I suppose that the hosts list must be the same for each queue.
does the case I mentioned still exists?
how can I manage that high priority jobs go in free hosts instead of a 
busy host running a low priority job. Can I make a soft request on the 
subordinate queue to be empty? In sge5.3 this might be possible, but how 
in sge6?

Is subordination still the only preemption mechanism in sge6?


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