[GE users] how are soft resource request satisfied

Dr Ian C. Smith i.c.smith at liverpool.ac.uk
Thu May 20 16:38:51 BST 2004


Can anyone demystify how soft resource requests
are satisfied -- as usual the Sun documentation is about as much
use as a chocolate kettle. For example, say I have
three queues Queue_A, Queue_B, Queue_C and corresponding
resources Resource_A, Resource_B and Resource_C and I

#$ -soft -l ResourceA=value
#$ -soft -l ResourceB=value
#$ -soft -l ResourceC=value

and value <= max( ResourceA, ResourceB, ResourceA ).

Ideally the job would go to the queue which most closely
satisfies the requirement i.e. Queue_i where i minimises
( Resource_i - value ) - or indeed any Queue_i where
i satisfies Resource_i >= value.

Uunfortunately jobs seem to go to any queue on an
ad hoc basis. Is there any reason for this or anything
that can be done about it. A document describing how
exactly the scheduling algorithms work would be very useful
assuming that there are some - not just some cobbled together
code. As has been mentioned before the lack of any OR logic
in resource requests is an incredible oversight.



Dr Ian C. Smith,
e-Science team,
University of Liverpool
Computing Services Department,

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