[GE users] RE: specific process on specific node ( host )

Korambath, Prakashan ppk at ats.ucla.edu
Thu May 27 01:05:40 BST 2004

Hi Jon,

	First of all /itm/home/sgeadmin/machines should contain the same
exact entry as that in PE_HOSTFILE.  Otherwise you will be asking mpirun
to execute on the machines host1 and host2, but SGE may be allocating
you  the machines host3 and host4.  So your job will actually be running
on host1 and host2 and not on host3 and host4 as it is supposed to.  If
you want I can write a simple shell script for you to do so.  If you
have an account on our beowulf machine then I can copy it over there on
the /work directory.


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Subject: specific process on specific node ( host )

I am trying to specify which process runs on which node in the grid.
Basically the command that I'm running is this:

qsub -pe mpich 4 executable.csh

where executable.csh contains : 

mpirun -pg -machinefile /itm/home/sgeadmin/machines -np 4

where "/itm/home/sgeadmin/machines" contains a list of hosts (nodes)
according to process number:


Everything runs correctly, except the processes are not being run
according to the specification in the "machines" file.
Why is this?


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