[GE users] mpich machinefile hostlist

Korambath, Prakashan ppk at ats.ucla.edu
Thu May 27 01:08:30 BST 2004

This looks like an old e-mail.  I keep getting it again.

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	From: Jonathan Zweig [mailto:jzweig at mii.ucla.edu] 
	Sent: Wednesday, May 26, 2004 2:13 PM
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	Subject: [GE users] mpich machinefile hostlist
	I have a question about using MPICH with SGE.   Is it possible
to =
	specify in a parallel
	environment on SGE (e.g. mpich) which nodes in the grid work on
	modules?  For instance in a parallel environment which has 3
modules, =
	like to have 2 nodes be allocated for module 1, 6 nodes for
module 2 and =
	node for module 3.  How do we do this?  Is it by using the
"-machinefile =
	<hostlist_file>" command ? If so, can you give me an example.
If not, =
	then how is it done?  Thanks so much.

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