[GE users] backsapce doesn't work on linux host

Thiep Duong tduong at necelam.com
Sat May 29 18:14:50 BST 2004


I am running SGE_V5.3p3 and have this problem with the backspace
when I open interactive window (qsh) on linux system (work fine
on solaris host). I have Redhat_7.3 and Redhat AS_3.0 as well.

I have setup stty erase ^H werase ^? in my .cshrc file.
When first open qsh, doing stty I got (seems to be correct)
speed 38400 baud; line = 0;
erase = ^H; werase = ^?;
-brkint -imaxbel

But the delete key (^?) and backspace key (^H) seems to work like
in the same way -- like backsapce.

Attempting to redefine backspace key board to ^H by doing
stty erase ^v then backsapce key -- they key is now mapped
to ^? instead.

Strangely, when i start running synopsys pt_shell, both keys
are now behave like werase (instead of erase in qsh window).

Anyone seen this problem and have solution for me.
I don't have any key remap via xmodmap neither.


   Thiep Duong                    | NEC Electronics America Inc.

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