[GE users] ge6 parallel environments

Jason Crane Jason.Crane at mrsc.ucsf.edu
Mon Nov 1 21:34:34 GMT 2004


I have a question about configuring parallel environments in 
ge6.  I have a large number of cluster queues, each 
corresponding to a distinct set of nodes and user access 
lists.  I want privileged users to be able to submit 
parallel jobs in the same way on each of these cluster 
queues (i.e. same start and stop proc args, same allocation 
rule, etc.) and so would ideally like to be able to use a 
single parallel environment (e.g. pe_mpich), available from 
each cluster queue.   My question is therefore how to handle 
the value of "Slots" and "Users".  If I leave the "Users" 
field blank in the pe configuration, will it inherit the 
user access list from cluster queue to which the job is 
bound so that members of user_list_1 and user_list_2 could 
submit parallel jobs to their queues as follows:

qsub -pe pe_mpich -q group1.q ...
qsub -pe pe_mpich -q group2.q ...

The second point is that I would like the number of slots to 
be the same as the sum of the number of slots in the queue 
instances comprising the specified cluster_queue to which 
the parallel job is bound.  Is there a way to set "slots" in 
the pe to achieve this behavior?  I'm trying to avoid having 
to create a unique parallel environment for every cluster 
queue that differs only in the value of "Slots" and/or 

Thanks you for any help.


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