[GE users] share trees

Karen Brazier karen.brazier at durham.ac.uk
Thu Nov 4 09:41:30 GMT 2004


Perhaps someone here can tell me what I've done wrong with my share tree.

Within the share tree I have two departments, each defined as a
'department' userset.  Within each department is a project.  Project A in
Dept A will be the default one for everyone who hasn't access to any other
project.  Project B in Dept B is for a small set of users who should have
enhanced shares.

In Project A I included just the special user 'default' and expected it to
stay that way. But Lo! on re-opening the share tree in qmon, *all* my
configured users have appeared in the project and the shares have been
divided so that my 9 users get 10% each and 'default' gets the other 10%.

Project B does the same.  The users who aren't members of the project
can't actually submit jobs, but they do dilute the shares that other
members of the project receive.  (Eventually the 'B' users should have ~5
times the shares of a standard user.)

Does this mean that I've done something stupid, or is there a problem with
the mechanism for 'default' users?

I should add that qconf -sstree shows just the default user, not all the

All help gratefully received,
Karen Brazier

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