[GE users] Issue #74 - maxujobs per queue

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Fri Nov 5 09:32:10 GMT 2004


>  I am very disappointed to see that Grid Engine 6.0u1 has no support to set 
> maxujobs on a per queue basis.  From what I read in the mailing list 
> archives, it was discussed but it seems not to be implemented yet.  Any news 
> about when it should be implemented?   I have nearly 200 users here and I 
> dont wanna set a complex limit on a per user basis.

That's the problem of having by far more enhancement requests than person
power to implement all of these. I agree that more flexibility in managing
and limiting access to resources is needed by many sites. We are planning to
provide this functionality with Grid Engine 6.1 (no dates defined yet!!).

Certainly there's always the possibility for interested open source users to
make their own enhancements to the code. Specifically I think that a simple
maxujobs/queue feature should be rather straightforward to implement for
someone who can spend some time with th code. This enhancement while
certainly not offering a lot of flexibility might be sufficient for some use


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