[GE users] Resource allocation in Parallel

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Fri Nov 5 10:21:25 GMT 2004


with the PE allocation rule

    allocation_rule 1

a N-slot parallel job will be scheduled across N hosts. A dynamic
distribution of granted memory is not possible.


> Hello All,
> We are trying to run a parallel job which would need 3GB of memory . We have 
> all the compute nodes with 2GB RAM  and 2 CPUs only.
> They is a way to  run the serial jobs with command like qsub -l 
> mem_free=1.5GB job.sh.
> However is there a way where  I can do this in a parallel mode where it picks 
> 2 free cpu's across the queues and shares the memory as well as 2GB+1GB  or 
> 1.5GB+1.5GB or as per the free memory available in the machines included in 
> the queue.
> Any inputs here?
> Thanks,
> Nitin

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