[GE users] ODD Behavior with an interactive session

Charles_Hook at freddiemac.com Charles_Hook at freddiemac.com
Tue Nov 9 00:40:46 GMT 2004

We have just upgraded SGEEE to version 6 from 5.3, and I have a question
about a change in behavior.

We are using the SGE software to load balance mostly between two hosts
which run SAS software.  We are using a wrapper script to call the SAS
interactive XWindows sessions that looks like this

qrsh -N "IntrActv" -cwd -V -verbose  ". ~/.profile;.
/udb/home/db2ac/sqllib/db2profile;/opt/sas/sasi.pl" $*

with version 5.3 all functions in the open Xwindows session worked fine
including SAS's ability to shell out to the OS and run OS commands.  After
the upgrade, the shell commands from within the SAS programs are not
working.  Quite literally, the only change was Grid Engine.  I am having
difficulty drawing the line between the cause and the apparent effects.

(the call to the .profile was a solution to a printing issue found with the
5.3 version.  Interactive SAS won't send jobs to the printer properly
unless the .profile had been sourced one the job landed on the execution

Charles Hook
SAS Administration

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