[GE users] -N option

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Wed Nov 10 09:57:27 GMT 2004


in 6.0u1 at least it works without any problems (both spooling methods).

    % qsub -N "asd asd asd"

--> output filenames:
     asd asd asd.o3689
     asd asd asd.e3689

    % grep asd asd\ asd\ asd.o3689
    REQNAME=asd asd asd
    JOB_NAME=asd asd asd
    REQUEST=asd asd asd
    SGE_STDOUT_PATH=/home/as114086/asd asd asd.o3689
    SGE_STDERR_PATH=/home/as114086/asd asd asd.e3689


>> In version 5.3, users were able to submit jobs without a -N option and the
>> grid picked up the command name and placed it in the name field by default
>> without any issue.
>> In version 6, the same commands are failing because the user was also
>> passing parameters to the command on the command line separated by a space
>> and the new version is complaining that the object name cannot contain any
>> spaces.
> You mean a command like:
> qsub -N "myjob para1 para2" myscript.sh
> With classic spooling it still seems working, maybe it's related to Berkeley DB
> spooling.
> But anyway, isn't it possible to submit the job in the form:
> qsub -N "myjob" myscript.sh para1 para2
> Another solution maybe to use a "_" and translate it back during the script:
> qsub -N "myjob_para1_para2" myscript.sh
> and in the script:
> myname=`echo $JOB_NAME | tr "_" " "`
> echo $myname
> Cheers - Reuti

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