[GE users] 6.0 qstat - possible RFE

Melvin Koh melvin at apstc.sun.com.sg
Fri Nov 12 03:20:05 GMT 2004

On Wed, 10 Nov 2004, Kirk Patton wrote:

> I agree that the output of qstat is not as good as it could be.
> I believe that SGE 6.0 offers XML output so that you can parse the 
> output into whatever format suits you.  I have not tried it yet.

I've wrote a parser using JAXB based on the schemas that is provided in
"$SGE_ROOT/util/resources/schemas/qstat", though some slight modification
to the schemas are required.

> I wrote a script to makes the display of qstat a little more LSF'ish.
> It parses the output of qstat -ext -r.  It offers a -w, wide format.
> It has some filtering capabilities as well.
> It is attached if you are interested.  It does not address the issue of
> SGE usability "out of the box", but make things more readable.
> The SGE_ROOT is hardcoded at the top of the script.  You will need to 
> change it for your site if you decide to use it.
> Kirk
> On Wed, Nov 10, 2004 at 06:24:38PM +0100, G?ran Uddeborg wrote:
> > Pacey, Mike writes:
> > > [...] qstat now runs to 112 columns - not good for users with standard
> > > 80-column displays.
> > 
> > What about taking some inspiration from LSF: in normal mode the
> > commands prints in 80-column style, omitting and/or truncating columns
> > as necessary.  With a "-w" flag, the full information is written
> > without any truncation, however wide it needs to be.

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