[GE users] sanity check on idea to use project value to dofairshare among users with same uid

Olesen, Mark Mark.Olesen at arvinmeritor.com
Fri Nov 12 09:59:16 GMT 2004

> What I've come up with was this:
> 1. Each web user gets a Grid Engine project created with their
> portal-username. This is done automatically each time a new web portal
> user is created.
> 2. The portal CGIs are modified to pass on "-P <username>" whenever they
> do a qsub or qrsh
> The end result is that by hijacking the Grid Engine project mechanism I
> can effectively get fairshare-by-user even when all the jobs are submitted
> with the same UID.

Thanks for your solution. I also have a very similar problem - in my case, a
simulation daemon that submits all jobs as the same user.
While the project accounting approach will work for this one simulation
daemon, I dread enforcing a project for all the other possible ways of
accessing the gridengine.

I was wondering about this possible alternative:

I let the simulation daemon run with the same UID/GID as the gridengine
admin_user.  Noting that this admin_user is a pure administrative user with
sge manager/operator rights, and *only* submits any jobs as a proxy, I would
naively think that this manager/operator user should be allowed to jiggle
with the bookkeeping internals to tag the job accounting (including
fairshare) as being booked for the 'real' user.

Is there a backdoorish way to manage this, or should I try with a RFE?


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