[GE users] Status of tight integration between LAM-MPI and v6.0

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Sat Nov 13 11:25:55 GMT 2004

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Quoting "Anthony J. Ciani" <aciani1 at uic.edu>:

> !!!!!!!Why does sge_shepherd not create TMPDIR before running the 
> prologue/pe_start, and why does it destroy TMPDIR before running 
> the pe_stop/epilogue!!!!!!!

I can't confirm this. Also with our MPICH/Linda/Gamess... PEs we set up the 
necessary files in a parallel prolog, where the $TMPDIR already exists. It's 
also still available in the stop procedure. Only thing to mention: the created 
$TMPDIR is unique in each node with a name reflecting the node's name. If you 
need to have the same name on all nodes (like for Gaussian), you have to create 
and delete it in addition on your own in the start/stop procedure with a loop 
over the hostlist making an rsh mkdir.

> In summary, the "tight" integration doesn't exist yet.  The hostfile 
> format of Grid Engine is not yet understood by lamboot, necessitating a 
> wrapper.  For some reason sge_shepherd doesn't like executing lamboot. 
> The only agents which work with lamboot are ssh and rsh; a qrsh boot 
> will fail.

It should be possible to create a correct hostfile in the start procedure 
already. I do this e.g. for Gamess.

Cheers - Reuti

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