[GE users] reserved ports in SGE 6.0

Sean Dilda agrajag at dragaera.net
Fri Nov 19 19:37:20 GMT 2004

I noticed that the install scripts for SGE 6.0u1 claim to support the
'-resport' option, for having SGE require reserved ports.  The
'source/security/security.html' file also refers to this option. 
Unfortunately, I couldn't find any reference to it in the install docs,
and taking a closer look at the install scripts leads me to believe they
mostly ignore the option.

So, did SGE 6.0 drop support for reserved ports?  If so, why?  Is there
any chance at it coming back?

I've looked at the CSP option, however its a bit of extra admin overhead
and in my environment won't provide any additional security over what
reserved ports would give.  As such, I'd much rather go with reserved
ports if possible.



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