[GE users] SGE 6.0u1: job name cannot start with a digit??

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Wed Nov 24 09:01:44 GMT 2004


indeed, a job name may not start with a digit

For qrsh jobs the current job name checking seems to be broken. There's no
clear definition what SGE should take by default for a qrsh job name, but
the current behavior is kind of funny.

I think what SGE should do is the following: take everything up to the first
whitespace or semicolon and from that string take the basename.

Command line                       jobname
"cd /home/me/5five; hostname" --> cd
"/home/me/4Ujob"              --> 4Ujob (invalid)
"cat /tmp/5five"              --> cat
"bla;blub"                    --> bla
"a b"                         --> a

Could you please file an issue?


> Please see the following:
> qrsh "cd /home/me/5five; hostname"
> error: denied: "5five" is not a valid job name (job  cannot start with a
> digit)
> Interestingly Grid Engine is extracting the jobname as "5five"
>          If the -N option is not present,  Grid  Engine  assigns
>          the  name of the job script to the job after any direc-
>          tory pathname has been removed from the script-name. If
>          the  script  is  read from standard input, the job name
>          defaults to STDIN.
> Terry

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