[GE users] signals and -notify

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Fri Nov 26 11:59:37 GMT 2004

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Quoting Wolfgang Dobler <Wolfgang.Dobler at ucalgary.ca>:

> Is there a way to spawn perl_prog such that it runs in the same process
> group?

This should be by default. You can check this with a ps like:

ps f -eo pid,uid,gid,user,pgrp,command --cols=120

> What I am after is a way to have perl_prog catch the signal and write a
> file that then tells the MPI processes to finish up. So I don't want any
> of the other processes to die because of the signal (not the run.x
> processes, not the mpirun process, and also not the main script, because
> that one will have to copy some data files after the mpirun has finished).
> I want to avoid dealing with signals in the executable run.x, because that
> would require some non-standard (read: non-portable) F90 stuff.

In the script have a line before the Perl-script call with:

trap '' usr2

This will go to all processes also to ignore usr2. In the Perl script use 
something like:

$SIG{USR2} = sub ( ...what to do... };

to do the things you like again.

Cheers - Reuti

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