[GE users] Only root can submit jobs

Christian Bolliger christian.bolliger at id.unizh.ch
Sun Nov 28 21:09:05 GMT 2004

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Hi Rayson

Thanks for help I found the problem myself, it somtimes helps to 
verbalize it:
sge_execd needs set-user-id set!

I'll submit a bug report.

I just answer the question for the archive:
Rayson Ho wrote:

>1) What OS are you using??
SuSE Linux 9.2 on AMD64

>2) Did you try the pre-compiled binary??
There are none for lx26_amd64  (esp. not for 6.0u2 which is cutting edge)

>3) Anything in the execd log??

>4) Is the user configured on that machine and the home directory there??

>5) Did you setup any prolog??

>6) Is the job actually started??
>You can logon to the machine, and do a ptree (or use ps to get the process
>tree yourself), see if the execd has started the shepherd at that point,
>and also check if the job script is running...
No, since it couldn't write the error file.

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