[GE users] sge_security.c errors

Paul Mitchell pmitchel at email.unc.edu
Tue Nov 30 19:18:42 GMT 2004

On Mon, 29 Nov 2004, Eric Andresen wrote:

> Here's my notes regarding the GSSAPI support in SGE 6.0 (though I
> believe it's also valid for 5.3):
> See last message for patching details for krb5/gss support.
> SGE 6 build instructions:
>   # Fix all paths
>   vim aimk.site
>   vim scripts/distinst.site
>   # Remove DBARCH from BERKELEYDBBASE paths
>   vim scripts/distinst
>   ./aimk -only-depend
>   scripts/zerodepend
>   ./aimk depend
>   ./aimk
>   ./aimk -mankv
>   export SGE_ROOT=/home/sge-6.0u1
>   mkdir -p $SGE_ROOT
>   scripts/distinst -local -noexit -allall lx24-x86

All of the above worked, albeit I changed "lx24-x86" to "darwin"

>   # KerberosV TGT forwarding:
>   scripts/distinst -local -- sec
>   cd $SGE_ROOT/security/
>   add arch type 'lx24-x86' to aimk

I'm punting here, here's my aimk entry:

case "darwin":
set CC = gcc
   set CFLAGS = "-Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -DDARWIN -DDARWIN7 $DEBUG_FLAG $CFLAGS"
   set LFLAGS = "-dynamic $DEBUG_FLAG $LFLAGS"
   set LIBS   = "$LIBS"
   set RANLIB = ranlib

>   ./aimk -gss

Thsi fails with the following message:

gcc -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -DDARWIN -DDARWIN7  -DKERBEROS
-I/usr/local/include/gssapi -I/usr/local/inc
../sge_gsslib.c:81: error: parse error before "PROTOTYPE"
../sge_gsslib.c: In function `gsslib_put_credentials':
../sge_gsslib.c:504: warning: implicit declaration of function
make: *** [sge_gsslib.o] Error 1

Which is the line in the middle of the following declaration:
OM_uint32 kg_get_context PROTOTYPE((OM_uint32 *minor_status,
                                    krb5_context *context));

Is it complaining about "kg_get_context" or the OM_uint32 type?

Paul Mitchell

	Paul Mitchell
	email: pmitchel at email.unc.edu
	phone: (919) 962-9778
	office: I have an office, room 14, Phillips Hall

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