[GE users] 5.2 for Opteron?

Rod.Rebello at Microchip.com Rod.Rebello at Microchip.com
Fri Oct 1 22:17:27 BST 2004

Thanks.  Will try it when we get a demo system, probably in a week or 2.

Rod Rebello
Microchip Technology Inc.

"Rayson Ho" <raysonho at eseenet.com>
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10/01/2004 10:15 AM
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You can *try* this:

Run the SGE 5.2 install_execd on the Opteron machine. If it complains that
the architecture is not supported, edit the "arch" script by hand, so that
it returns "glinux" (i think SGE 5.2 uses glinux as the arch name for x86
linux... but not exactly sure).


>We are still on release, and are considering the addition of an 
>AMD Opteron based execution host server.  Can we get 5.2 binaries for the

>Opteron (where)?  Or will we have to move to 5.3 (or 6.0) for AMD 

>  Can a 5.3 execution host work with a 5.2 qmaster? 
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