[GE users] getting failed before writing exit_status:shepherd exited with exit status 19

Ranga Srinivasan ranga at bizrate.com
Tue Oct 5 00:02:15 BST 2004

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After recreating the whole Grid setup to use one nfs mounted across the
gridmaster and the execution host.I am getting the same errors. What does "
failed before writing exit_status:shepherd exited with exit status 19" mean.
I did chmod -R 777 on the gridware directory. So I am assuming it should be
a file permission issue.

It completes the simple.sh script, but sends the error email.

Is there something else I need to do to make it work w/o sending me error

Any help/ pointer realy helpful. I am totally confused as to why I am
getting an error message after ensuring the gridmaster and the execution
host share the same nfs mounted device.

Thanks again


-----Original Message-----
From: root [mailto:root at cruncher01.bizrate.com]
Sent: Monday, October 04, 2004 3:54 PM
To: ranga at bizrate.com
Subject: SGE 6.0u1: Job 1 failed

Job 1 caused action: none
 User        = gridadm
 Queue       = all.q at cruncher01.bizrate.com
 Host        = cruncher01.bizrate.com
 Start Time  = 10/04/2004 15:53:18
 End Time    = 10/04/2004 15:53:38
failed before writing exit_status:shepherd exited with exit status 19
Shepherd trace:
10/04/2004 15:53:18 [10461:4462]: shepherd called with uid = 0, euid = 10461
10/04/2004 15:53:18 [10461:4462]: starting up 6.0u1
10/04/2004 15:53:18 [10461:4466]: closing all filedescriptors
10/04/2004 15:53:18 [10461:4466]: further messages are in "error" and
10/04/2004 15:53:18 [10461:4466]: using stdout as stderr
10/04/2004 15:53:18 [10461:4466]: execvp(/bin/bash, "bash"

Shepherd pe_hostfile:
cruncher01.bizrate.com 1 all.q at cruncher01.bizrate.com UNDEFINED

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