[GE users] Globus/GridEngine Integration Problems

James E. Dobson James.E.Dobson at Dartmouth.EDU
Tue Oct 5 16:17:35 BST 2004

Hello GE-Users,

I've been using the London eScience JobManager script for a while with
Globus 2.4.3 on a NFS mounted filesystem. I'm now moving it over to AFS
and 3.2.0 and I'm having some problems. I'm currently thinking that it is
a timing issue related to the shared filesystem. I sent a note to the
author listed in the script but have not heard back.

I have removed the entries related to the '.real' files however when I run
my jobs I get this message in the GE messages file:

hosta general opening output file because: xxx [507:322]: error: can't
open output file "/home/grid/.globus/job/xxx/29772.1096988722/stdout":
No such file or directory

This file is created during this time and I'm able to see the expected
output in the stdout file:


Does anyone have any advice on how to troubleshoot this script or figure
out what is going on? Are the 'real' files still needed (did the streaming
stdout/stderr problem get fixed??)



// Jed Dobson
// Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences
// Dartmouth College
// James.E.Dobson at Dartmouth.EDU
// (603) 646-9324

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