[GE users] scheduled end time of a running job

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Fri Oct 8 13:10:29 BST 2004


you can't do it - this is  handled (i.e. the job is indirectly killed) by
the execd. The execd has the information in memory (it's persisted in the
spooled job file that after a restart of the execd the job gets signalled).

If this capability is really that important for you the only solution which
I can imagine is a cron script which checks for the requested run time of
running jobs ("qstat -r") and kills (qdel's) the jobs before they reach
their requested wall clock time if they run on "faster" machines.


> Dear all!
> Since there is no possibility to scale the walltime on hosts with
> diffenrent cpu speed, I try to modify this manually.
> To do this I tried to find a file where SGE writes the time when the job
> should be killed.
> Is there a file of that kind anywhere in $SGE_ROOT? Or does SGE hold
> this information only in memory?
> Maybe there is also a possibility to ask for the requested h_rt with
> means of prolog/epilog?
> Thanks!
> Henrik Schulz
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