[GE users] v6_u1 auto-installation, IPMP

Jason Crane Jason.Crane at mrsc.ucsf.edu
Fri Oct 8 22:52:39 BST 2004


We are running into a couple problems with the v6_u1 
auto-installation procedures:

The first is related to IP multi-pathing (IPMP) on our 
master node which seemed to be causing the exec node 
installations to fail for random exec hosts.  We seem to be 
able to get around this by:
    - auto-installing only the master node, then
    - creating a host_aliases file under the default cell
    - bouncing the master daemons (/etc/init.d/sgemaster 
    - run the exec node installations.

However, before the host_aliases is configured for IPMP, not 
all of the entries in the "ADMIN_HOST_LIST" variable get 
configured as admin hosts so this needs to be done manually 
before running the exec node installation.  Is there any way 
to get the installation scripts to understand IPMP to begin 
with, or is there any way to configure host_aliases on the 
fly without restarting all the daemons?

The second issues is that although the exec node 
installation goes well on Solaris nodes, for Linux nodes we 
get (from the log file in /tmp/install.pid):

    remote installation on host linux_host.domain.org
    TERM environment variable not set.  
We've already tried to set the TERM variable inside 
inst_sge, but to no avail.  Has anyone else encountered 
this and already found a solution?

Thanks much in advance for any advice,

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