AW: [GE users] resource allocation and race condition

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Fri Oct 15 17:29:15 BST 2004

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Assuming you have a flexlm license server responsible for your floating 
license then this HTML page I wrote a while back may be helpful (no 
promises though!)

Basically SGE does not have to track non-cluster license checkouts if it 
can accuratly query the license server itself to constantly learn the 
number of available free tokens.


Olesen, Mark wrote:

>>>Assuming that I only have a single float license 'foo', I can
>>>'qsub -l foo=1' a job.  After a while I submit two (2) new jobs with the
>>>same resource requirement(s). Both these jobs wait politely in the
>>>since the resource 'foo' is unavailable.  After the first job finishes,
>>>the load reports get correctly updated, *both* of the jobs in the queue
>>>to grab the 'foo' resource (almost) simultaneously.
>>>How can I circumvent such a race condition?
>>Could you use a SGE consumable in addition to your load sensor? - Reuti
> Based on what I can read from host_conf(5) about 'complex_values', I'd have
> to alter the load sensor so that it only tracks non-SGE license use rather
> than reporting the number of licenses currently available for use.
> This means that the load sensor needs to distinguish between applications
> that were started with/without SGE. If accomplished, this would make the
> load sensor anything other than lightweight.
> Is there a direct way, or a backdoor, to determine how many resources SGE
> believes are still free and/or have been allocated?  Perhaps this could be a
> means of adjusting the load sensor values.
> /mark
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