AW: AW: [GE users] resource allocation and race condition

Reuti reuti at
Mon Oct 18 14:51:29 BST 2004

> Then, AFAICS, the license would be tracked as follows (here I've invented a
> new 'count' attribute for 'qconf -se global' to show the internal
> consumption):
> 0) Start - no licenses used:
>     complex_values shpc=8
>     load_values    shpc=8
>     count          shpc=0
> 1) Start 6 license job via SGE:
>     complex_values shpc=8
>     load_values    shpc=2
>     count          shpc=6
> 2) Start 2 license job via SGE ?
> Following the logic of host_conf(5), the quota definition (shpc=8) will be
> replaced by the current load value (shpc=2).  From the 2 licenses that are
> now registered as being available, *none* can be granted, since the internal
> count is already at 6!

What is your definition of count in the complex and and global 
definition? If it's a consumable it should count down, not up. - Reuti

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