AW: AW: AW: [GE users] resource allocation and race condition

Reuti reuti at
Mon Oct 18 17:20:48 BST 2004


> For convenience of discussion, I introduced 'count' to indicate what I
> presume the internal bookkeeping is doing to track the allocated resources.
> For a process to start, the allocated and the requested resources must be
> less-than-equal the resource quota.  The resource quota is the minimum of
> the complex_values and load values.
> Thus, as an expression:
>    count + request <= Resource_Quota = min(complex_values, load_values)

I see the point. You are using now just one complex, which is consumable 
and in addition adjusted by the external load sensor? This would explain 
the behavior, if I understand you in the right way.

Can you try using both? I.e. defining one complex which is set by the 
load sensor (not consumable), and a second one which is a consumable 
e.g. count. Any submit has to fulfill both conditions.

qsub -l license=2,count=2 mypgm

Cheers - Reuti

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