[GE users] Removing dr jobs

Lengyel, Florian FLengyel at gc.cuny.edu
Mon Oct 18 19:52:38 BST 2004

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Id there a better way of removing jobs marked dr? I'm using
SGE version 5.3p6. How do the dr jobs arise? Is this problem
addressed in SGE 6?

In the directory 
[root at wildebeest 0010]# pwd 

you notice there are two jobs: 
[root at wildebeest 0010]# ls 
6126  6144 

qstat shows the 0010 is concatenated with the above numbers: 
[root at wildebeest 0010]# qstat 
job-ID  prior name       user         state submit/start at     queue
master  ja-task-ID 
 106126     0 go2        stjohn       dr    04/14/2004 16:38:54 month19.q
 106144     0 go1002     stjohn       dr    05/10/2004 10:22:57 month57.q
[root at wildebeest 0010]# 

stop sge: 
[root at wildebeest 0010]# /etc/init.d/rcsge stop 
   Shutting down Grid Engine scheduler 
   Shutting down Grid Engine qmaster 
   Shutting down Grid Engine communication daemon 

delete the files 6126 and 6144 
[root at wildebeest 0010]# rm * 
rm: remove regular file `6126'? y 
rm: remove regular file `6144'? y 

restart sge: 
[root at wildebeest 0010]# /etc/init.d/rcsge start 
...long list of queues.. 
        Queue "default62.q". 
        Queue "default63.q". 
        Queue "default64.q". 
Reading in parallel environments: 
        PE "make". 
Reading in Master_Job_List. 
Reading in Master_Zombie_List. 
Reading in scheduler configuration 
   starting sge_schedd 

check that the dr jobs are gone 
[root at wildebeest 0010]# qstat 


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