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Rajeev Mishra rajeevrmishra at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 20 16:25:34 BST 2004

My cluster consists of 3 ghz and 2.2ghz machines and I would like SGE to assign 3 ghz machines first from the available resources for a particular job. 
I have created two host groups (3ghz and 2ghz) and added these to a single cluster queue. Now, how do I modify the sequence_no for each host group ? I am using qmon and it seems that the sequence number is for the entire queue.
where can I set this ? 
seq_no 0,[@type3=50],[@type2=100],[@type1=150]

Thanks for your help. 

Reuti <reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de> wrote:
You can set a different sequence number for each type of machine and 
change the scheduler to sort by seqno (qconf -msconf). This will give 
the intended result (for serial jobs).

For simpleness I suggest defining three hostgroups. Then you can set:

seq_no 0,[@type3=50],[@type2=100],[@type1=150]

- Reuti

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