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Arati Kadav aratik at cse.iitk.ac.in
Thu Oct 21 13:21:07 BST 2004

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>>>- What is the default output and input diretory when I submit job as a
>>>root ?
I would like to pin point my exact problem here. I am using file staging 
here (that typically of second type) where I need to copy stuff from a 
If I keep my repository in machine 1.  I have a anonymous ftp there.
My transfer script see appendix runs directly from root and also from 
any login that is in NFS:
./tr.sh <machine name> <path of the file in that machine> <filename> 
<directory where the file is to be copied>
./tr.sh csews201 . init.xml ~

But when I try to submit this as a job to qsub:
qsub ./tr.sh csews201 . init.xml ~

I see init.xml file in my account when I am a anonymous user but not 
when I am the root of someother machine
I have also tried giving absolute path names instead of "~" like /root 
and /tmp/.

I feel that in the script when we cd to a directory and since the root 
login is not a NFS mounted login, it doesnt work. Is there a way to make 
it work?

The script is as follows:

#$ -S /bin/sh
#$ -cwd
#$ -o log.txt -j y

#if [ $#ARGV -ne 4 ]; then
#       echo "Usage: transferjobs.sh <ftp site> <path> <filename> <destdir>"
#       exit 1



# NOTE: the program 'rftp' does FTP across a firewall
# you need to have a .netrc file in your home directory
# which does the authentication for the ftp login
ftp $FTP_SITE << END


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