[GE users] Limit in no time limit queue

Singh, Tajendra tvsingh at ats.ucla.edu
Tue Oct 26 17:48:03 BST 2004


We compiled SHE5.3P6 on our Itanium based cluster. I created a queue as

qname                s15_nl
hostname             .....
seq_no               0
load_thresholds      np_load_avg=1.75
suspend_thresholds   NONE
nsuspend             1
suspend_interval     00:05:00
priority             0
min_cpu_interval     00:05:00
processors           2
qtype                BATCH
rerun                FALSE
slots                2
tmpdir               /work
shell                /bin/csh
shell_start_mode     NONE
starter_method       NONE
suspend_method       NONE
resume_method        NONE
terminate_method     NONE
notify               00:00:60
owner_list           NONE
user_lists           NONE
xuser_lists          NONE
subordinate_list     NONE
complex_list         serial_complex
complex_values       NONE
calendar             NONE
initial_state        default
s_rt                 INFINITY
h_rt                 INFINITY
s_cpu                INFINITY
h_cpu                INFINITY
s_fsize              INFINITY
h_fsize              INFINITY
s_data               INFINITY
h_data               2G
s_stack              INFINITY
h_stack              INFINITY
s_core               INFINITY
h_core               INFINITY
s_rss                INFINITY
h_rss                INFINITY
s_vmem               INFINITY
h_vmem               INFINITY

As you see there is no time limit but still a long job which was running
under this queue got killed with the message saying job exceeded "-------"
which translates in 999 hours.

Any idea of fixing this or work around in the source.

Thanks in advance,

TV Singh


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