[GE users] SGE assigns a loaded machine for a new job.

Rajeev Mishra rajeevrmishra at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 27 16:07:57 BST 2004

HI List, 

We have a linux cluster with most of machines with identical configurations. All of our cluster nodes are dual cpu so I have assigned 2 slots per machine. We have set load threshold of np_load_avg to 0.8. 

In some cases we have noticed that GE does not assign a least loaded machine to submit  a job. 

Here is an example of the problem we are facing. 

Suppose there are 10 machines out of 20 machines available for GE to submit jobs, so we have 20 slots at that moment. Out of 10 availabe machines some users are running a job by bypassing GE (They are running a job, by rlogin-ing to machine), so the load on all 10 available machine is less than load threshold but all have different loads.(For GE all these 10 machines are available as all the 20 slots are available and load is less than load threshold). Some times we have noticed that SGE assigns a machine to a newly submitted job to a machine which  has a np_load_avg value of 0.5 (At this moment there are some machine which has np_load_avg value to 0.0). Is there a way that I can specify that GE chooses a machine for  a new job to the least loaded machine. 

Thanks for your help. 


- Rajeev 


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