[GE users] SGE and Preemption

Brian Smith brian at cypher.acomp.usf.edu
Wed Oct 27 23:15:56 BST 2004

Alright list, I'm gonna shoot you another question.  I have done my
homework on this one, been in touch with Sun, done all the googling that
google can handle and poured through pages and pages of documentation.

Here is my situation: I have two research groups that work off a single
cluster.  We will denote the two groups as '1' and '2'.  '2' is not
running any jobs at the moment and '1's queue is getting full.  A user
from '1' decided to run his job in 'all.q' so that he can use some of
'2's resources.  The '1' user's job is so large that it uses the entire
'2' queue.  Now, a '2' user logs in and wants to run a job on his queue
but there are no available resources.

I would like '2's job to preempt the large '1' job that is running in
'2's space.

So far, I have configured 3 queues: all.q, group1.q and group2.q.  all.q
is subordinate to group1.q and group2.q.  At this point, I would like
the job running in 'all.q' to be stopped and rescheduled.  I have
created user groups that belong to group1.q and all.q and a group that
belongs to group2.q and all.q.

Now, if I have a user in group1 run a full job (it uses all resources)
in all.q and a user in group2 runs a job, group2's job has to wait until
the group1 job finishes.  

How can I get this to work?  Let me know if you need further info.

Brian Smith

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