[GE users] prolog/epilog

Ron Chen ron_chen_123 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 28 11:30:47 BST 2004

Are those files executable?

And to be a standard shell script, you may want to add
the interpreter in the first line:

# rest of the file

BTW, SGE sets up a unique directory for each job and
it is deleted after the job finishes.

You can see where the SGE created temp dir is by
submitting a shell script with just an "env" in it.


> Essentially the prolog file contains
> #create temporary directories
> /bin/mkdir /state/partition1/$JOB_ID
> /bin/chmod 700 /state/partition1/$JOB_ID
> /bin/chown $LOGNAME /state/partition1/$JOB_ID
> /bin/mkdir /state/partition2/$JOB_ID
> /bin/chmod 700 /state/partition2/$JOB_ID
> /bin/chown $LOGNAME /state/partition2/$JOB_ID
> export TMPDIR=/state/partition1/$JOB_ID
> export TMPDIR2=/state/partition2/$JOB_ID
> and the epilog file contains
> #remove temporary directories
> /bin/rm -rf /state/partition1/$JOB_ID
> /bin/rm -rf /state/partition2/$JOB_ID

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