AW: [GE users] prolog/epilog

Olesen, Mark Mark.Olesen at
Thu Oct 28 11:52:09 BST 2004

> I am new to SGE (I have used PBS in the past).  I would like to set up
> prolog/epilog scripts to set up temporary directories where output is
> written during execution and then to rmove them upon completion/deletion
> of the job (these temp files can contain up to60 GB of data so it is
> imperative taht they are always removed).  I used to do something similar
> in PBS

I'd write the files like this

# prolog

/bin/mkdir -m 700 -p /state/partition1/$JOB_ID
/bin/mkdir -m 700 -p /state/partition2/$JOB_ID

## skip chown, epilog runs under USER (unless otherwise specified)

# export TMPDIR=/state/partition1/$JOB_ID
# export TMPDIR2=/state/partition2/$JOB_ID

^^^ won't work - epilog script cannot export to job script!
 You'll need to set these directly in the job script.

# epilog

#remove temporary directories
/bin/rm -rf /state/partition[12]/$JOB_ID 2>/dev/null


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